Supporting sports, especially in training divisions, has been selected as a major goal for the company. We believe that, by doing so, we will assure kids and youth a healthier environment to grow up in, surrounded by principles and values that help build a better and distant-from-vices society.

Year 2014

In 2014, BPU made different contributions that were intended to encourage sports practice. It provided Circu marathon with 112 t-shirts, Artigas Sports Club with the whole team apparel, and Círculo Policial with the 5K t-shirts printing.

Year 2015

In 2015, BPU sponsored Baby Wanderers Football Club –located in Avenida Frugoni- with the total costs of its stadium stands, and Peñarol and Nacional Baby Football Clubs (Durazno) with their team apparel, as well as Porongos Club (Flores).

Furthermore, it was signed a sponsorship contract with the Trinitarian athlete María Pía Fernández.

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YEAR 2016

Continuing on this path of supporting sports, in 2016, BPU has sponsored three local football clubs, providing them with their team apparel.  The current clubs are Central Futsal, Zapicán and Real Durazno.

Sport support program implementation

January and February

Through the media, the company’s web and social networks, an open call to the community will be spread, so as to enable every organization, parents committee and sports club to present BPU their proposals to be backed.


Every March 31st, the period for proposals presentation will reach to an end. Organizations should send their requests by e-mail or hand them in at BPU (Route 14, km 170, Durazno), and provide a detailed description on the project’s needs and its current costs. Moreover, an estimated budget should be attached with its correspondent explanations of the forecasted expenses.


During April, an assessment committee, formed by three BPU members and three external ones (a journalist, a local authority and an instructor), will analyse the different requests and indicate which of them will be the chosen ones to be totally or partially sponsored.

By the end of April, the chosen proposals will be communicated to the organizations, which should be open to place BPU’s logo, flag or image in an agreed location.


During May, the organizations will receive its money. Once they have already bought or paid what they needed for the project, they should report BPU every expense ticket, so as the company can keep a record of them.

What will be considered when choosing the ideas?

When defining which applications will be chosen to support, the Commission will assess both the content/idea/need and its current presentation. Aspects to be evaluated:

  1. The objective of the money they will receive, its destination, what is the need, among others.
  2. In order to take into account dedication and effort invested in developing the proposal, the Commission will also assess the way in which the organization submits the request (creativity in presentation, content, neatness, details, etc).