Producers’ Club

Producers are critical in the value chain and we see them as our key partners. For that reason, we have created our Producers’ Club, through which we strive to build close relationships with them and guarantee an endless improvement of the processes.

This system guarantees synergy between producers and BPU Meat, so as to adapt the animal features and production systems to the requirements of the most demanding markets, building a win-win relationship: while the company enters high-end markets, the producer enjoys a better payment for a better livestock.

Which are the benefits of being a Producers’ Club member?

-Unbiased cattle payment system based on a grid that rewards cattle  quality according to age, conformation, factor scores and carcass weight.

-Special bonus from the Producers’ Club when complying with the    remission plan.

-The system allows directing producers to the animal types that are mostly  required by demanding markets, what leads to a win-win relationship.

-Producers are rewarded for producing top quality cattle, since BPU  satisfies high-end markets.

-Opportunity to establish a closer relationship with the company’s  managers by participating on a producers’ representative committee.  There, the current situation of the primary sector is widely discussed and  the Management team is open to looking for a solution to the value chain  main challenges.

To be a Producers’ Club member, the following requirements should be met:

– Animal Traceability.

– Animal welfare.

– Animal health.

– Proper facilities to breed animals and handle them.

– Environmental care.

– Animals transport.

– Employees Welfare.

– Feed lot production.