At Breeders and Packers Uruguay, we believe that guaranteeing our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and customers’ health is at the top of our responsibilities.

We commit to compliance with law and regulations, as well as our customers’ requirements, in order to achieve a healthy workplace and high security standards across all our operations.

To meet this goal, we focus on prevention and have developed a Health Program, which aims to guarantee our employees’ physical and mental welfare, through imparting training courses and raising awareness of how to prevent certain diseases and accidents either at the workplace or outside it.

At BPU Meat, we believe that every accident has a cause and that it is preventable, so that it is necessary to:

– Develop a systematic process of identification, assessment and control of any risk.

– Promote safety awareness as a core value by training the ones involved in our activities.

– Understand security as a collective responsibility, so that everyone’s participation is as necessary as compulsory. This refers not only to the   compliance   of the security rules but also to the proactive participation in the implementation of the Management Integrated System.

– Assure the permanent improvement of our Health and Security management.