BPU ‘s support to education and sport to Durazno’s youth

Within the program of corporate social responsibility, BPU has initiated actions to support the education of youth in the region, strengthening its capital so as to achieve for Peach and its hinterland sustained social and economic growth.

Sport, especially in training divisions has been selected as a primary objective and physical development of employees. Baby Football League and the League of Neighborhoods are two of the areas where they have developed specific to the sport supports.

As proof of this last weekend BPU deputy general manager Luis Pittaluga performed the delivery of sports equipment to the Club. A Baby Peñarol Football. Delivery also participated Peach Mayor Dr. Luis Ayçaguer.

The donation made by BPU allowed the club aurinegro Peach buy 75 shirts, shorts and socks for the children of the 5 categories of Baby Soccer start the new championship.

In the same way today, Tuesday 24 March, closed donation to the National Football Club Durazno for the purchase of equipment in categories 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Baby Football.

Other institutional support

These donations to sports institutions of the department continue with company policy to encourage and support the sport.

In that sense BPU also collaborated with the delivery of 112 marathon shirts for the 8 K the Police Circle held in September last year.

The Artigas Club also received input from BPU which consisted of 30 jackets and pants for their football team.

Another institution that recently received support from BPU Meat was the Wanderers Club. At this institution is donated the stands for the new complex Football Baby located on Avenida Frugoni.

Sport in the company

In turn as part of its HR policy all staff have access to free High Performance Centre located on the same floor of BPU. The gym is equipped with latest equipment technology and has the supervision of a physical education teacher who attends three times a week to build routines and guide those who wish to exercise training.

For its part, the BPU Football Club team composed of workers who participated in the refrigerator recent tournament neighborhoods excelled in competition reaching fourth representing a credit to the company.

Chicos del Baby Fútbol de Club Atlético Peñarol de Durazno
Caption: Baby Soccer Lads Club Atlético Peñarol Durazno with shirts donated by BPU. Photo: Courtesy of Victor Darwin Rodriguez

Luis Pittaluga entregando un equipo
Caption: The deputy general manager of BPU Meat Luis Pittaluga delivering a computer to one of the children of Club Atlético Peñarol Durazno. Photo: Courtesy of Victor Darwin Rodriguez


Caption: The BPU football team recently won fourth place in the League of Neighborhoods

Caption: Installing donated by BPU stands at the sports complex of Baby A. Wanderers Football Club located at Avenida Frugoni