Between June and July, the company set up two new Corporate Social Responsibility actions with its workers. One related to sports and the other related to road safety.

Road safety

Taking into account that around 70% of the company’s workers go to work by motorcycle and the new regulations in force demand the use of reflective safety vests BPU organized a talk on Road Safety with the Traffic Police chief of Durazno Horacio Oliva. The purpose of the talk was to raise awareness among those present in the audience about the importance of the use of helmet and reflective safety vests when riding a motorcycle. As a complement to this talk each worker was given a reflective safety vest to go to work and go back home in a safer manner.


On the other hand, continuing with the company’s policy of encouraging sports practice among its employees and community, in the beginning of July BPU celebrated the opening of two new football courts for the recreational use of all its employees.
The initiative was greatly appreciated by workers since during rest times or at the end of the working day different teams of workers may be seen playing in the courts next to the company’s parking. In that sense, the company has been promoting some actions to encourage sports and physical activity among its employees, who have free access to the company’s gym with a Physical Education teacher three times per week.