At Breeders and Packers Uruguay S.A (BPU Meat), we commit ourselves to assuring the humane treatment of animals at every stage of their lives, even when being slaughtered. This requires working closely with our producers, transporters and employees to incorporate animal welfare protocols to prevent the mistreatment of animals, including when they are raised, cared for, transported and processed.

Our high technology and quality processes, operations and facilities -unload area, waiting pens, entrance tube and stunning boxes- were designed and established according to national and international policies of Animal Welfare and under the approval of subject-matter experts. This is documented and strictly controlled by the Animal Welfare Responsible and the highly qualified helpers.

The permanent training and awareness of our employees, cattle suppliers and transporters prove our proactive attitude and clear commitment to the assurance of humanitarian conditions for animal handling and slaughter. We strongly believe that good Animal Welfare practices reduce animal suffering and that, as a result, there is a positive effect on the quality of our products.

BPU Meat recognizes the five freedoms as the basis for addressing animal welfare standards within our supply chain. The five freedoms are defined as: 1) Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition; 2) Freedom from discomfort; 3) Freedom from pain, injury and disease; 4) Freedom to express normal behaviour; 5) Freedom from fear and distress.

In order to protect this policy, BPU Meat is committed to respecting Animal Welfare rules and invites its employees, suppliers, transporters and collaborators to join the cause. This is only achievable when each and every part of the chain gets involved in it.