Producers Club

Which are the benefits of being a Producers’ Club member?

-Unbiased cattle payment system based on a grid that rewards cattle  quality according to age, conformation, factor scores and carcass weight.

-Special bonus from the Producers’ Club when complying with the    remission plan.

-The system allows directing producers to the animal types that are mostly  required by demanding markets, what leads to a win-win relationship.

-Producers are rewarded for producing top quality cattle, since BPU  satisfies high-end markets.

-Opportunity to establish a closer relationship with the company’s  managers by participating on a producers’ representative committee.  There, the current situation of the primary sector is widely discussed and  the Management team is open to looking for a solution to the value chain  main challenges.

To be a Producers’ Club member, the following requirements should be met:

– Animal Traceability.

– Animal welfare.

– Animal health.

– Proper facilities to breed animals and handle them.

– Environmental care.

– Animals transport.

– Employees Welfare.

– Feed lot production.