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The values philosophy of the company considers people first. They are always at the center of our business, whether employees, suppliers or customers. They are the ones that justify our dedication and effort.


Objective cattle Payment system based on a grid that rewards the quality of the cattle based on age, conformation, factorer and carcass weight, plus a special bonus from the Producers Club for complying with the remission, plan.


The working philosophy of the company is equal opportunities and non-discrimination, as well as cooperation and the maintenance of a safe and safety working environment, a constant demand for the welfare of all employees.




  • The product Commercialized by BPU is world class. From each Individual responsibility we feel and we are committed to deliver the same excellence in our management. I am part of a working team with the same goal.

    test2 Pedro Dipacce - INFORMATIC Department

  • For three years it just amazes me the technology BPU brought to our country. Working at BPU has allowed me to get valuable experience and implement my knowledge, Achieving Constant development thanks to the fabulous team BPU has managed to create.

    test1 Jorge Facal - INFORMATIC Department

  • I cannot find the right words to describe what it means for me to work in BPU, simply changed my quality of life and of my children too.

    test4 Fabiana Viñoly - Portioning RoomSupervisor

  • Being part BPU team has been for me a challenge that has enriched me professionally and humanly, from the Health and Safety area we are committed in providing all staff and visitors guarantees for physical and mental health of all and the welfare wellbeing of the company and those who make it up.

    test3 Analía Echenagucía - Occupational Health Manager

  • The modern technology that has been installed at BPU is a personal a challenge I have faced with a lot of responsibility. We are moving a giant that presents everyday learning opportunities. It is a very valuable source of work for the whole country.

    test6 Aldrin Irirarte - Engine Room Supervisor

  • BPU have committed in the constant growth of the company both as officials and personally I can perform my job, Work with commitment and always betting to excellence.

    test5 Daniel Ibarra - Packing Supervisor

Producers Club

Producers Club